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Welcome To Andalus Stone

Andalus Stone is world known in the Stone sector considered one of the stone manufacturing leaders in Egypt, Being aware that, in the Planet, the natural stone demand is increasing and we want to be a benchmark in our sector with our products worldwide.
In these times of increasing globalization in social and economic life we want to expand our market by developing the network of our clients and by strengthening business relationships with the existing customers. We are sure of the good quality/price ratio of our products, the possibility to fulfill the most different and particular needs from design to manufacturing of natural stone paying attention to environmental and safety issues.

here represented is the satisfaction of the employees, customers, products and the best quality/price ratio who interact in the development of business. The company added value is measured through feedback from clients, employees, external consultants and suppliers. Because only a synergy work leads to the satisfaction of everybody’s needs and a high-quality outcome. This results in updated, sturdy and user-friendly products requiring reasonable labor, subject to no defects and which are easily available in the future.

is to perform any task with the utmost fairness, transparency and seriousness without neglecting the necessary flexibility. This has allowed us and will allow us to develop new solutions for the global market, create a high value for property, clients and employees, consolidate our leading position on the market and expand the areas served worldwide through the huge experience and expertise of production and sales staff that allow us to provide clients with distinctive projects for the supply of tailor-made products.
Maximizing it’s quality standards has always been the main aim for us.
A goal that has been fully achieved thanks to a successful choice: managing directly every step of production process. Our Company develops and controls within the company all actions that lead to final product. In this way, we are able to control quality and timing of production of all the solutions offered. The care even in the smallest and simplest of the products manufactured is very high because it will become natural part of your living area designed to obtain comfortable and healthy environment.

To establish and carry on all or any industry, trade or business of preparing, mining, cutting, polishing, processing, treating, importing, exporting of all types of marble, granite, lime stone, sand stone with any size in a very competitive prices . For us quality is our mission. Our team is always prepared to offer you the kind of stone that suits your requirements with the possibility of shipping the container to your closest port . Not to mention that we can offer you the fastest production time.

The high quality and volume of Egyptian marble quarries in combination with a very long tradition in the art of marble since the ancient years, have classified them as the most wanted marbles in the world.
The company’s philosophy is the emergence of Egyptian marble quarries in the global market, to spread the above long tradition that has been kept alive for centuries.
And develop relationships of trust and appreciation with our customers by providing high quality standards and strict orientation to their needs.
We pursue continuous training of our staff and continuous research and development expertise in order to stay one step ahead of customer needs, providing high value and quality.

  • Our Company has its own Quarries of Marble and Granite in different materials which enable us to fulfill all the requirements in any project for quantity, delivery and quality control.
    Characteristics of quarried stone are dependent upon the attributes of the deposit from which the stone was extracted; each quarry is able to offer a range of products unique in dimensions, color and structural properties to its deposit.
  • Our team speaks several international languages including English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian aiming for establishing a company able to fulfill all of our clients needs and requirements , with a team has an experience in working in marble fields for more than 17 years . We have clients in many countries all over the world including Morocco, Korea, china, Indonesia and we are aiming to have clients in each country all over the world .
  • Our Network is covering the six continents, our exports from marble and granite to more than 40 countries all over the world of manufactured items (finished slabs, tiles & cut to size) or Blocks.
  • We have a strong customer service that will keep you updated with your order statues step by step.
  • Client satisfaction is the most important thing for us . We are doing our best to avoid any problems that might be inconvenience for our clients though in case of any problem we will help you solving it , as we are seeking for long time partnership with our clients because we believe that clients satisfaction is the key to success.
  • Our mission is to keep our client satisfied through our good inspection, customer service.
  • We are aiming to be the best stone company in Egypt and this can only happen if we gained your long time partnership, We are aiming to be the best stone company in Egypt and this can only happen if we gained your long time partnership.
  • We can offer you the best sea freight to your port.
  • Even after shipping we will follow up with you until you receive the containers because we always care about our customers opinion in each detail starting from stone quality to packing.

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