Can You Use Marble Tiles for a Kitchen Countertop?

//Can You Use Marble Tiles for a Kitchen Countertop?

Can You Use Marble Tiles for a Kitchen Countertop?

You can use marble tiles for kitchen countertop with a good sealer in place. Marble including the Carrara marble slabs is actually denser and does not need sealing as they are dense whereas applying an impregnating sealer will control and minimize staining and other issues.

There are durable sealers available in market which form permanent bonds and comes in a DIY kit and instructions.  But you should be prepared for some potential problems as well. The granite marble slabs are a durable material for use but everyday use of these slabs of marble necessitates vigilant care and maintenance. Carrara marble slabs need proper cleaning methods else will look worn down and older day by day. You need to follow some simple steps in order to maintain these marble products as below:

Cleaning process

  1. First you need to wet the surface of the marble tiles with hot water.
  2. Apply the soapless cleaner by way of a wet sponge. Wash the marble tiles in small circular motion
  3. Use soft cotton material you need to dry the area and allow drying for the sealer to be applied over it.

Preserving process

  1. You need to wipe off the spills immediately to avoid staining. After this, use the cleaning steps above to be followed to clean the slabs of marble.
  2. Place coasters with rubber bottoms under all drinks and place mats under the items which tend to scratch the marble tiles.
  3. Avoid placing oily substances like the alcoholic drink, diary products and cosmetics directly on the

Egyptian marble to avoid stains on the surface.

  1. Keep away sharp objects from any marble products to avoid scratches.

Egyptian marble companies have periodic maintenance provided for their customers. Marble in Egypt is of good quality but the suppliers recommend them for flooring and statues but not for kitchen countertops where there is a lot of expose to heat.

A study says around eleven percent of your kitchen remodelling budget is being used for countertops. So you can mix a bundle of various types of marbles slabs on your countertops. You can make use of the ‘Butcher block’ at warm places and ‘Pastry making where you need a glossy look. The various options are as below:

  1. Laminate kitchen countertops which use layers of decorative papers. These marbles have good stain, abrasion and moisture resistance.
  2. Solid surfacing kitchen countertops use nonporous, seamless surfaces made up of a blend of acrylic resins with fillers for a smooth finish.
  3. Ceramic Tile kitchen top (vitrified tiles) but they do not lend a luxurious look in your kitchen.

You need to decide upon the luxury level look of your choice for the kitchen countertops in your house.

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